Our Products

Our Products

At Four Flours® we work hard to make certain our products will make you smile. Handmade with extraordinary care, every ingredient is all-natural and of the highest quality. Always fresh, every one of our baked goods is headed out the door within hours of leaving the oven.
Our superb, large and tender cookies are not just made from scratch; they are made with love. Every morsel is crafted with an eye to creating a perfect pleasure from pure ingredients. As Robin says, “EVERY cookie counts,” so each cookie is decorated by hand. And be assured, every bit of our cookies is all-natural, right down to the lovely pastel sugar sprinkles found on our Simply Sugar Cookies. Our cookies are packaged 6 to a bag.

Four Flours® brownies are simply decadent. Intensely chocolate, moist and flavorful, our brownies have tender interiors with a bit of chewiness on the outsides to make them ideal. No brownie is baked at Four Flours without at least two types of chocolate in the recipe - just to up the richness ante. And the lovely, subtle sweetness comes from Blue Agave Nectar. These incredible brownies are packaged 8 to a bag.
Biscotti have a tough job. Work with wine, work with coffee. Sometimes, work with a glass of milk. Four Flours® Biscotti are everything biscotti should be. Our small-batch, twice-baked biscotti are crispy, large, and oh so satisfying. They are perfect for dunking or savoring just as they are. Packaged 6 to a bag.

Four Flours® Tea Breads are moist, dense, and deep with flavor. We love Tea Breads for their versatility; warmed up with a cup of coffee, slathered with butter for an indulgent treat, or served as dessert. Packaged individually.
The much-loved Four Flours® granola has been transformed into a delicious on-the-go treat. Chewy and filled with healthful ingredients such as flaxseed, honey and oats, granola clusters are just bite-sized, so they can be munched on anywhere and anytime. Packaged in 12-ounce bags.
Gift a bite of happiness! Who can resist fresh, scrumptious home-baked treats delivered to their door? We do the hard work, the recipient will get all the joy, but you will get all the satisfaction of knowing you have made someone smile.
Bring the all-natural goodness of Four Flours® cookies to your freezer. Four Flours® large and luscious cookie sandwiches are filled with a local, rich, natural ice cream. But be warned. The Chillwiches® are huge! So be ready to share. Packaged Individually, available only through grocers and the Chillwich® truck.
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